I've always been driven by a desire to create. Over the years this has manifested through a vast array of mediums, but it was an encounter with felt making that finally gave me the sense of material connection I'd been searching for. The alchemy of transforming raw wool fibre into a piece of fabric, coupled with the sheer physicality of the processes involved, was immediately addictive.

From there followed several years of exploration of the medium, and after examining a sample piece and observing how sunlight filtered through the fibre to wonderful effect, it became clear that my direction lay in exploiting the potential of wool and light combined.

That gave rise to Felti, a felt ware business focusing on domestic lighting in its many forms - from shades, to strung lights and illuminated vessels.

Lately, my practice has steered towards work on a larger, more organic scale, featuring oversized illuminated seed pods and chrysalises.